Message Logging

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides the capability to log incoming and outgoing messages for offline consumption. Message logging enables you to see what the message and message body looks like. This type of logging is particularly helpful in letting you know what arguments were passed in and how the receiving endpoint saw the arguments expressed as XML. In addition, logging the message as it was received allows you to diagnose malformed messages as well as to see how the message arrived. You can also examine the security tokens used, parts encrypted and signed, and parts left intact.

In This Section

Message Flow Overview

This topic describes how event log messages correspond to client and service events.

Configuring Message Logging

This topic describes how you can configure message logging for different scenarios.

Viewing Message Logs

This topic describes how you can view message logs.

Security Concerns for Message Logging

This topic describes how you can protect sensitive data from being exposed in message logs, as well as events generated by message logging.

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