Hosting Workflow Services Overview

Workflow services must be hosted to execute. The WorkflowServiceHost is the out-of-the-box workflow host that supports multiple instances, configuration, and WCF messaging (although the workflows aren’t required to use messaging in order to be hosted). It also integrates with persistence, tracking, and instance control through a set of service behaviors. Just like WCF’s ServiceHost, the WorkflowServiceHost can be self-hosted in any managed .NET application, or web-hosted (as a .xamlx file) in IIS / WAS. Topics in this section describe how to host a workflow service.

In This Section

Hosting Workflow Services
Describes hosting workflow services.

Workflow Service Host Internals
Describes how WorkflowServiceHost processes incoming messages.

Workflow Service Host Extensibility
Describes how to extend the functionality of the workflow service host.

Workflow Control Endpoint
Describes how to define an endpoint that allows you to create workflow instances.

How to: Host a Workflow Service with Windows Server App Fabric
Demonstrates how to host an existing workflow service in Windows Server App Fabric.

Configuring WorkflowServiceHost
Describes how to control persistence, tracking, idle, and unhandled exception behavior.







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