Transactional Support in System.ServiceModel

The topics in this section describe the transactional functionalities Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides.

In This Section

ServiceModel Transaction Attributes
Describes the two standard System.ServiceModel attributes that enable you to configure the behavior of transactions for a WCF service.

ServiceModel Transaction Configuration
Describes the various configuration settings that can be used to enable transaction for a service.

Enabling Transaction Flow
Describes how to enable transaction flow.

How to: Create a Transactional Service
Demonstrates how to create a transactional service in WCF.

Diagnosing Transactional Applications
Describes how to use the management and diagnostics feature in WCF to troubleshoot your transactional application.

Comparing Transactions in COM+ and ServiceModel
Describes how to simulate the behavior of a transactional COM+ service using the attributes provided by the System.ServiceModel namespace.

Integrating Enterprise Services Transactional Components
Describes how to integrate your WCF services with code that uses enterprise service.