Guide to the Documentation

Provided here is guidance about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) documentation. The linked documents are recommended starting points grouped according to specific interests and levels of expertise.

New to Windows Communication Foundation Programming

Programming In-Depth

  • If you are ready to start developing an application, see Basic WCF Programming.

  • If you are looking for guidance about a particular feature or capability of WCF, see the topics under WCF Feature Details.

  • If you would like to extend or customize WCF to suit your requirements, see Extending WCF.

  • For information about the tools that help to create and debug WCF applications, see Windows Communication Foundation Tools.

  • Configuration using XML files is a primary way of programming WCF services and clients. For reference documentation for the XML elements used in configuration files, see WCF Configuration Schema.


For information about troubleshooting common WCF problems, see WCF Troubleshooting Quickstart.

Using Windows Communication Foundation with Other Technologies

WS-* Protocols Supported in Windows Communication Foundation

To see a list of protocols supported in the system-provided bindings, see Web Services Protocols Supported by System-Provided Interoperability Bindings. To see the list of system-provided bindings, see System-Provided Bindings.

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