Guidelines and Best Practices

This section contains topics that provide guidelines for creating Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications.

In This Section

Best Practices: Data Contract Versioning
Explains how and when to create data contracts that do not break when future versions are created.

Service Versioning
Explains how to consider versioning in WCF. After deployment, services (and the endpoints they expose) might need to be changed, for example, to satisfy changing business requirements or IT requirements, or to fix issues. Each change introduces a new version of the service.

Load Balancing
Lists guidelines for load balancing with a Web farm.

Controlling Resource Consumption and Improving Performance
Describes the properties that are designed to help prevent undue resource consumption and improve security and points to more complete information about their use.

Deploying WCF Applications with ClickOnce
Describes the considerations to be made when using the ClickOnce feature.




Conceptual Overview

Basic WCF Programming

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