Designing and Implementing Custom Activities

Custom activities in .NET Framework 4.6.1 are created by either assembling system-provided activities into composite activities or by creating new types that derive from CodeActivity, AsyncCodeActivity, or NativeActivity. This section describes how to create custom activities with either method.


Custom activities by default display within the workflow designer as a simple rectangle with the activity’s name. To provide a custom visual representation of your activity in the workflow designer you must also create a custom designer. For more information, see Using Custom Activity Designers and Templates.

In This Section

Activity Authoring Options
Discusses the authoring styles available in .NET Framework 4.6.1.

Using a custom activity
Describes how to add a custom activity to a workflow project.

Creating Asynchronous Activities
Describes how to create asynchronous activities.

Configuring Activity Validation
Describes how activity validation can be used to identify and report errors in an activity’s configuration prior to its execution.

Creating an Activity at Runtime
Discusses how to create activities at run time using DynamicActivity.

Workflow Execution Properties
Describes how to use workflow execution properties to add context specific properties to an activity’s environment

Using Activity Delegates
Discusses how to author and use activities that contain activity delegates.

Using Activity Extensions
Describes how to author and use activity extensions.

Consuming OData Feeds from a Workflow
Describes several methods for calling a WCF Data Service from a workflow.

Activity Definition Scoping and Visibility
Describes the options and rules for defining data scoping and member visibility for activities.