CA2014: Do not use stackalloc in loops

Rule ID CA2014
Category Reliability
Fix is breaking or non-breaking Non-breaking


Using the C# stackalloc expression inside of a loop.

Rule description

The C# stackalloc expression allocates memory from the current stack frame, and that memory may not be released until the current method call returns. If stackalloc is used in a loop, it can lead to stack overflows due to exhausting the stack memory.

How to fix violations

Move the stackalloc expression outside of all loops in the method.

When to suppress warnings

It may be safe to suppress the warning when the containing loop or loops are invoked only a finite number of times, such that the overall amount of memory allocated across all stackalloc operations is known to be relatively small.

Suppress a warning

If you just want to suppress a single violation, add preprocessor directives to your source file to disable and then re-enable the rule.

#pragma warning disable CA2014
// The code that's violating the rule is on this line.
#pragma warning restore CA2014

To disable the rule for a file, folder, or project, set its severity to none in the configuration file.

dotnet_diagnostic.CA2014.severity = none

To disable this entire category of rules, set the severity for the category to none in the configuration file.

dotnet_analyzer_diagnostic.category-Reliability.severity = none

For more information, see How to suppress code analysis warnings.

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