.NET runtime interop events

These runtime events capture information about Common Intermediate Language (CIL) stub generation. For more information about how to use these events for diagnostic purposes, see logging and tracing .NET applications

ILStubGenerated event

Keyword for raising the event Level
InteropKeyword (0x2000) Informational(4)
Event Event ID Raised when
ILStubGenerated 88 An IL Stub is generated.
Field name Data type Description
ModuleID win:UInt16 The module identifier.
StubMethodID win:UInt64 The stub method identifier.
StubFlags win:UInt32 The flags for the stub:

0x1 - Reverse interop.

0x2 - COM interop.

0x4 - Stub generated by NGen.exe.

0x8 - Delegate.

0x10 - Variable argument.

0x20 - Unmanaged callee.

0x40 - Struct Marshal
ManagedInteropMethodToken win:UInt32 The token for the managed interop method.
ManagedInteropMethodNameSpace win:UnicodeString The namespace and enclosing type of the managed interop method.
ManagedInteropMethodName win:UnicodeString The name of the managed interop method.
ManagedInteropMethodSignature win:UnicodeString The signature of the managed interop method.
NativeMethodSignature win:UnicodeString The native method signature.
StubMethodSignature win:UnicodeString The stub method signature.
StubMethodILCode win:UnicodeString The Common Intermediate Language (CIL) code for the stub method.
ClrInstanceID win:UInt16 Unique ID for the instance of CLR or CoreCLR.