Build a Mac Catalyst app with .NET CLI

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create and run a .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) app on Mac Catalyst using .NET Command Line Interface (CLI) on macOS:

  1. To create .NET MAUI apps, you'll need to download and run the installer for the latest .NET runtime. You'll also need to download and install the latest version of Xcode, which is also available from the App Store app on your Mac.

  2. On your Mac, open Terminal and check that you have the latest .NET runtime installed:

    dotnet --version
  3. In Terminal, install the latest public build of .NET MAUI:

    sudo dotnet workload install maui --source

    This command will install the latest released version of .NET MAUI, including the required platform SDKs.

  4. In Terminal, create a new .NET MAUI app using .NET CLI:

    dotnet new maui -n "MyMauiApp"
  1. In Terminal, change directory to MyMauiApp, and build and run the app:

    cd MyMauiApp
    dotnet build -t:Run -f net7.0-maccatalyst

    The dotnet build command will restore the project dependencies, build the app, and launch it.

    If you see a build error and a warning that the Xcode app bundle could not be found, you may need to run the following command:

    xcode-select --reset
  2. In the running app, press the Click me button several times and observe that the count of the number of button clicks is incremented.

    .NET MAUI app running on Mac.