The .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) BoxView draws a simple rectangle or square, of a specified width, height, and color.

BoxView defines the following properties:

  • Color, of type Color, which defines the color of the BoxView.
  • CornerRadius, of type CornerRadius, which defines the corner radius of the BoxView. This property can be set to a single double uniform corner radius value, or a CornerRadius structure defined by four double values that are applied to the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right of the BoxView.

These properties are backed by BindableProperty objects, which means that they can be targets of data bindings, and styled.


Although BoxView can mimic simple graphics, a better alternative is to use .NET MAUI Shapes or .NET MAUI Graphics.

Create a BoxView

To draw a rectangle or square, create a BoxView object and set its Color, WidthRequest, and HeightRequest properties. Optionally, you can also set its CornerRadius property.

The following XAML example shows how to create a BoxView:

<ContentPage xmlns=""
    <BoxView Color="CornflowerBlue"
             HorizontalOptions="Center" />

In this example, a cornflower blue BoxView is displayed in the center of the page:

Screenshot of a BoxView with rounded corners.

The WidthRequest and HeightRequest properties are measured in device-independent units.


A BoxView can also be a child of an AbsoluteLayout. In this case, both the location and size of the BoxView are set using the LayoutBounds attached bindable property.

A BoxView can also be sized to resemble a line of a specific width and thickness.