Publishing a NuGet package

NuGet packages are published and consumed from package repositories. While is the most widely known and used repository, there are many places to publish NuGet packages:

  • is the primary online repository for NuGet packages. All packages on are publicly available to everyone. By default, Visual Studio has as a package source and for many developers is the only package repository they'll interact with. is the best place to publish stable packages and pre-release packages that you want community feedback on.

  • MyGet is a repository service that supports custom package feeds for open-source projects. A MyGet public custom feed is an ideal place to publish pre-release packages created by your CI service. MyGet also provides private feeds commercially.

  • A local feed allows you to treat a folder like a package repository and makes the *.nupkg files in the folder accessible by NuGet. A local feed is useful for testing a NuGet package before publishing it to

Note does not allow a package to be deleted once it is uploaded. A package can be unlisted so that it is not publicly visible in the UI but the *.nupkg can still be downloaded on restore. Also, does not allow duplicate package versions. To correct a NuGet package with an error you have to unlist the incorrect package, increment the version number and publish a new version of the package.

✔️ DO publish stable packages and pre-release packages you want community feedback on to

✔️ CONSIDER publishing pre-release packages to a MyGet feed from a continuous integration build.

✔️ CONSIDER testing packages in your development environment using a local feed or MyGet. Check the package works then publish it to security

It's important that bad actors can't access your NuGet account and upload a malicious version of your library. offers two-factor authentication and email notifications when a package is published. Enable these features after logging into on the Account settings page.

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✔️ DO use a Microsoft account to sign in to NuGet.

✔️ DO enable two-factor authentication for accessing NuGet.

✔️ DO enable email notification when a package is published.