Threading objects and features

Along with the System.Threading.Thread class, .NET provides a number of classes that help you develop multithreaded applications. The following articles provide overview of those classes:

Title Description
The managed thread pool Describes the System.Threading.ThreadPool class, which provides a pool of worker threads that are managed by .NET.
Timers Describes .NET timers that can be used in a multithreaded environment.
Overview of synchronization primitives Describes types that can be used to synchronize access to a shared resource or control thread interaction.
EventWaitHandle Describes the System.Threading.EventWaitHandle class, which represents a thread synchronization event.
CountdownEvent Describes the System.Threading.CountdownEvent class, which represents a thread synchronization event that becomes set when its count is zero.
Mutexes Describes the System.Threading.Mutex class, which grants exclusive access to a shared resource.
Semaphore and SemaphoreSlim Describes the System.Threading.Semaphore class, which limits number of threads that can access a shared resource or a pool of resources concurrently.
Barrier Describes the System.Threading.Barrier class, which implements the barrier pattern for coordination of threads in phased operations.
SpinLock Describes the System.Threading.SpinLock structure, which is a lightweight alternative to the System.Threading.Monitor class for certain low-level locking scenarios.
SpinWait Describes the System.Threading.SpinWait structure, which provides support for spin-based waiting.

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