My.Response Object

Gets the HttpResponse object associated with the Page. This object allows you to send HTTP response data to a client and contains information about that response.


The My.Response object contains the current HttpResponse object associated with the page.

The My.Response object is only available for ASP.NET applications.


The following example gets the header collection from the My.Request object and uses the My.Response object to write it to the ASP.NET page.

<script runat="server">
    Public Sub ShowHeaders()
        ' Load the header collection from the Request object.
        Dim coll As System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection
        coll = My.Request.Headers

        ' Put the names of all keys into a string array.
        For Each key As String In coll.AllKeys
            My.Response.Write("Key: " & key & "<br>")

            ' Get all values under this key.
            For Each value As String In coll.GetValues(key)
                My.Response.Write("Value: " & _
                    Server.HtmlEncode(value) & "<br>")
    End Sub

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