<summary> (Visual Basic)

Specifies the summary of the member.




A summary of the object.


Use the <summary> tag to describe a type or a type member. Use <remarks> to add supplemental information to a type description.

The text for the <summary> tag is the only source of information about the type in IntelliSense, and is also displayed in the Object Browser. For information about the Object Browser, see Viewing the Structure of Code.

Compile with -doc to process documentation comments to a file.


This example uses the <summary> tag to describe the ResetCounter method and Counter property.

''' <summary>
''' Resets the value of the <c>Counter</c> field.
''' </summary>
Public Sub ResetCounter()
    counterValue = 0
End Sub
Private counterValue As Integer = 0
''' <summary>
''' Returns the number of times Counter was called.
''' </summary>
''' <value>Number of times Counter was called.</value>
Public ReadOnly Property Counter() As Integer
        counterValue += 1
        Return counterValue
    End Get
End Property

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