Fine-Tuning Your Async Application (Visual Basic)

You can add precision and flexibility to your async applications by using the methods and properties that the Task type makes available. The topics in this section show examples that use CancellationToken and important Task methods such as Task.WhenAll and Task.WhenAny.

By using WhenAny and WhenAll, you can more easily start multiple tasks and await their completion by monitoring a single task.

This section includes the following examples.


To run the examples, you must have Visual Studio 2012 or newer and the .NET Framework 4.5 or newer installed on your computer.

The projects create a UI that contains a button that starts the process and a button that cancels it, as the following image shows. The buttons are named startButton and cancelButton.

WPF window with Cancel button

You can download the complete Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) projects from Async Sample: Fine Tuning Your Application.

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