How to: Access XML Child Elements (Visual Basic)

This example shows how to use a child axis property to access all XML child elements that have a specified name in an XML element. In particular, it uses the Value property to get the value of the first element in the collection that the name child axis property returns. The name child axis property gets all child elements named phone in the contact object. This example also uses the phone child axis property to access all child elements named phone that are contained in the contact object.


Dim contact As XElement = 
    <name>Patrick Hines</name>
    <phone type="home">206-555-0144</phone>
    <phone type="work">425-555-0145</phone>

Console.WriteLine("Contact name: " & contact.<name>.Value)

Dim phoneTypes As XElement = 
      <%= From phone In contact.<phone> 
          Select <type><%= phone.@type %></type> 


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