Enables the use of local type inference in variable declarations.


-optioninfer[+ | -]  


Term Definition
+ | - Optional. Specify -optioninfer+ to enable local type inference, or -optioninfer- to block it. The -optioninfer option, with no value specified, is the same as -optioninfer+. The default value when the -optioninfer switch is not present is also -optioninfer+. The default value is set in the Vbc.rsp response file.


You can use the -noconfig option to retain the compiler's internal defaults instead of those specified in vbc.rsp. The compiler default for this option is -optioninfer-.


If the source code file contains an Option Infer Statement, the statement overrides the -optioninfer command-line compiler setting.

To set -optioninfer in the Visual Studio IDE

  1. Select a project in Solution Explorer. On the Project menu, click Properties.

  2. On the Compile tab, modify the value in the Option infer box.


The following code compiles test.vb with local type inference enabled.

vbc -optioninfer+ test.vb  

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