Jetpack Compose on Surface Duo

Jetpack Compose is the new UI toolkit for Android. You can follow the Android Studio setup instructions to set up your project to start using Jetpack Compose. For more beginner tips, read our blog post on getting started with Jetpack Compose.

Compose SDK

  • TwoPaneLayout

    A UI component that helps you build two-pane layouts for dual-screen, foldable, and large-screen devices.

  • WindowState

    A utility library that helps you easily get details about the window state of dual-screen, foldable, and large-screen devices using the Jetpack Window Manager library.

  • ComposeTesting

    A utility library from our Test Kit that helps you write UI tests for dual-screen and foldable devices.

Compose samples

These samples demonstrate all the different design patterns and unique features of the Surface Duo, and also other large screen and foldable devices, using Jetpack Compose.

UI tests

Follow these steps to use a combination of libraries to test your Jetpack Compose layouts on foldable and dual-screen devices.