Surface Duo screen dimensions

Dimensions and attributes relevant to developers are listed below. Refer to the Surface Duo tech specs for more product information.

  • Screen Size: Large
  • Density Class: xxhdpiDensity
  • Factor: 2.5x
  • Ratio: Not long
  • Full screen width including hinge mask:
    • Surface Duo: 1,114dp / 2,784px
    • Surface Duo 2: 1,100dp / 2,754px

Screen elements double-portrait

Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2screen dimensions in double portrait

Surface Duo

Surface Duo screen dimensions in double portrait

Screen elements double-landscape

Surface Duo 2

Surface Duo 2 screen dimensions in double landscape

Surface Duo

Surface Duo screen dimensions in double landscape


  • DPI - Physical dots per inch (physical)
  • PPI - Pixels per inch (digital)
  • DP - Density independent pixels (relative to 160 dpi screen)

Hinge angle

A 360° hinge provides unique benefits in terms of ergonomics and general adaptability for either two-handed or single-handed usage. Use the hinge angle sensor API to read the hinge angle.

When the hinge angle between both displays has exceeded an appropriate viewing angle, the display facing away from the user is turned off by default.

Device rotation

The default orientation of the device is double or single portrait, with the camera located on the top edge. The device supports rotation to landscape in each direction, but it cannot be used upside down (i.e., 180°).

When the device is rotated, UI elements either reposition or remain fixed.

Content Behavior
Content that is fixed to the device OS elements like app handles, nav bar, and app paging are fixed to the physical edges of the device, and do not reflow when the device is rotated.
Content that reflows App content, system tray, app icons, and the keyboard reflow to accommodate new screen states.