Upgrade checklist

You can upgrade to Dynamics GP from specific versions of Dynamics GP. For the supported upgrade paths, see Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

When to upgrade

Before upgrading, we recommend that you create a timetable of the entire upgrade process. This timetable can include the scheduling of a test upgrade, live upgrade, upgrade training, and implementation. Be sure that the scheduled time to upgrade takes place during a time that works best for all Dynamics GP users and for your information technology (IT) staff. You may not want to upgrade before processing payroll checks or closing a year.

Dynamics GP upgrade checklist

Use this checklist as your guide to upgrading to Dynamics GP.

Step For more information
1. Verify the security of your system. Download the Security Planning
2. Refer to these Web sites for new or updated information relating to the upgrade. Core System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP
3. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Upgrade Guide. Microsoft Dynamics GP Resource Directory
4. Obtain your new registration keys for Dynamics GP. Contact your Dynamics GP partner or the Business Center
5. Verify system requirements and expand your SQL database size, if necessary.
6. Identify all integrating products and customizations and ensure that they are compatible with Dynamics GP. Contact the provider of the integrating products and customizations.
7. Complete pre-upgrade procedures in the release of Dynamics GP that you are currently using and review known issues. Microsoft Dynamics GP Resource Directory
8. Install Dynamics GP on the server and upgrade your accounting data. Installing Dynamics GP (first computer)
9. Complete post-upgrade procedures for Dynamics GP modules. Module upgrades from Dynamics GP 2013
10. Upgrade additional components and verify customized reports. Installing an additional components
11. Install Dynamics GP on the clients. Installing Dynamics GP (additional computers)
Creating an installation package
12. Identify the sources of any errors. Knowledge Base on CustomerSource