How to: Change the Role Center for Dynamics NAV

The Home page is your main point of entry into Dynamics NAV. Here you can get an overview of the daily work tasks and their status. Tasks that you perform often are accessed through the tiles in the content area, the navigation pane on the left, and through actions in the ribbon.

The content on the Home page is based on the selected Role Center. The standard Role Center for Dynamics NAV is Business Manager, but you can change this and choose between a number of Role Centers.

To change role center

  1. In the top right corner, under the Settings menu, choose My Settings.
  2. In the My Settings window, in the Role Center field, select the Role Center that you want to set as the standard. For example, select Accountant.
  3. Choose the OK button.
  4. Sign out of Dynamics NAV and then sign in again to have the change take effect.

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