ApplicationArea Property

Sets the application areas that apply to the control.

Applies to

  • Page field, part, and action controls.

  • Report request page field controls.

  • MenuSuite items

Property Values

A text string that contains a comma-separated list of application area tags.

An application area tag must have the format #name, where name is the application area. The name can be any combination of letters (Aa-Zz) and numbers (0-9) without spaces. For example, to specify the Basic and Fixed Assets application areas, set the property to #Basic,#FixedAssets.

If the control applies to all application areas, you can set the property to #All. This means that the control will always appear in the user interface.


This property is used together with the APPLICATIONAREA function to hide user interface elements.

If one or more application areas are enabled in a session, any controls that are not tagged with an application area will not appear in the user interface.


Application area tagging is designed for use in Dynamics 365 Business Central and is only partially supported in on-premises deployments. Use application areas if you build extensions for Dynamics 365. Do not use application areas if your solution is for on-premises deployments only.

You can get an overview of the application areas that are tagged on all controls of an object by displaying the ApplicationArea column in the designer.


Currently, this property is intended for the application areas that are defined in table 9178 Application Area Setup. You can define your own application areas but the implementation might change in future release.

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