Developer Option

The Developer option is available on the Choose an installation option page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Setup.

The set of components installed with the Developer option includes components a developer would typically use in designing Dynamics NAV applications for a customer company.


The Developer option includes database components and the demo database. Setup cannot install the data file for a database, an .mdf file, if the destination folder or drive is compressed.

Installed Components

When you choose the Developer Environment option, Setup installs the following components:


Starting with Dynamics NAV 2018 cumulative update 41 and Dynamics NAV 2017cumulative update 54, the prerequisite SQL Server Native Client is no longer installed by Setup or included on the installation media (DVD). This change doesn't affect the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment installation if you upgrading from an earlier version, because the prerequisite should already have been installed. However, for a clean installation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, you'll have to manually install the SQL Server Native Client; otherwise, you may experience problems connecting the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment to the database. For more information about how to install this prerequisite, see Installation Notes.

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