RecordSeparator Property

Sets the string that is to be used to separate records.

Applies To

  • XMLports

Property Value

Value Description
<None> There will no be RecordSeparator.
<NewLine> (default) Any combination of CR and LF characters.
<CR/LF> CR followed by LF.
<CR> CR alone.
<LF> LF alone.
<TAB> Tabulator alone.
Other strings The literal string entered.


The strings in the preceding table must be entered literally, that is, the < and > characters must be entered. These special strings can be combined and can be mixed with other characters.

CR refers to the character with ASCII value 13.

LF refers to the character with ASCII value 10.

You can set the record separator in C/AL code so that the XMLport can import and export records with different separators. For example, if your XMLport must import from a file or stream where one record uses NewLine and another uses TAB, you can change the record separator at run time.

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