Visual Studio Tools Samples for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This page contains various sample applications and downloads created and tested for use with Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.


The purpose of these downloads is to provide Visual Studio Tools developers with examples of code that can be used in their applications. All sample code used in production applications will need to be fully understood and maintained by the application developer. There is no further samples provided on later versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The samples below are as is going forward.



Download Description File Size: 134KB File Size: 19KB This is a C# application that provides a way to post/print Sales Order Processing batches in Microsoft Dynamics GP. While the functionality of the sample provides no new features, the demo provides examples of using notifications for Microsoft Dynamics GP fields & windows, calling procedures & functions, setting the characteristics of a Microsoft Dynamics GP control field length & casing, creating a lookup button that mimics the behavior of a Microsoft Dynamics GP lookup button, returning a value to a winform from a Microsoft Dynamics GP lookup, and displaying & redisplaying a winform after being "lost" behind Microsoft Dynamics GP. File Size: 143KB File Size: 23KB This C# sample shows how to access Microsoft Dynamics GP Tables and form table buffers from Visual Studio Tools. The sample application contains sample code for retrieving and changing specific records in a table, setting a range on a table, accessing form table buffers, accessing table buffers in a scrolling window and accessing third party table buffers. File Size: 163KB File Size: 19KB This C# sample shows how to use Microsoft Dynamics GP lookup windows from Visual Studio Tools. The sample application contains sample code for the following lookups: Customers, Vendors, Items, GL Accounts, SOP Documents, PO Documents.


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