Allow non-sequential numbering


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End users, automatically - This feature is released. Oct 1, 2019

Business value

For many types of records, such as customer cards and warehouse activities, it is not a legal requirement that the assigned numbers are in sequence. To improve system performance and to give users flexibility to delete records, you can set up a number series to allow the assigned numbers to not be in sequence.

Feature details

On the No. Series Lines page for a number series, you can select the Allow Gaps in Nos. check box to enable automatic or manual assignment of numbers without requiring sequential numbers. This avoids potential performance issues that occur when the No. Series Line table is locked while the system creates and consumes a new number from a number series. In addition, it gives users flexibility to delete records, such as an obsolete bank account card, and thereby causing gaps in the numbered list of records.


If you want to allow gaps in certain number series, you should first consult with your auditor or accounting manager to ensure that you adhere to the legal requirements in your country or region.

The non-sequential assignment of numbers leverages the sequencing logic of the SQL server. For more information, see Lock-free number series.

Allow gaps in numbering

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