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Business value

Back-office workers often need to capture information or digitize paper material at high speed. For some users, this is their main activity for the whole workday. When this cannot be automated through means like OCR and AI, users require an efficient interface that does not get in the way of quickly typing in data.

Feature details

Business Central accelerates repetitive data entry through a more responsive field editing experience.

Freedom to type unhindered

When typing data into a row, such as a general journal line, you can enter the value of a field, use the tab key to go to the next field and continue typing without having to wait for the server to respond. This allows you to quickly enter an entire record, only having to pause for the row to validate before typing in the next row. Similarly, input fields on cards and other page types also minimize the need to wait for the server to process each field.

While this already provides a more responsive experience in itself, data entry gets faster when combined with personalized Quick Entry that skips over unnecessary fields, keyboard shortcuts for actions like F9 to post a journal, and system shortcuts like Alt+N to create a new record.

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