Wave label printing enhancements


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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Sep 17, 2019 This feature is released. Jan 31, 2020

Business value

These changes will make it more efficient to support the labeling of cartons prior to palletizing. Some customers for whom compliance is an issue are vendors to large retailers that mandate the layout and content of labels for each carton. These large customers have a “label receiving process” where the cartons, while in receiving, are placed on conveyors, and the bar code is read automatically, allowing for automated creation of put-away.

Feature details

Wave label printing functionality will be enhanced with the following:

  • Allow for labels to be printed according to number of cartons on a single work line. Without using the containerization feature, this would mean that for a quantity of 100 cartons, the feature will print out 100 labels.

  • Include an enumeration of the labels (1/124, 2/124 … 124/124).

  • Allow for a bill of lading (BOL) to be created and printed on the label.

  • Allow a unique Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) to be created per carton and included on the label.

  • Allow for the creation of a GS1-compliant number sequence for BOL and SSCC numbers.

  • Allow for a HAZMAT code to be included (if relevant) on the label.

  • Support reprint of labels (from hand-held devices, as from a rich client).

  • Support for voiding of labels (for example, for short pick scenarios) and reprint.

  • Support for clean-up of wave label history.

These changes will make it more efficient to support labeling of cartons prior to palletizing. It is especially helpful to companies shipping to large retailers that perform order receipt confirmation automatically by scanning each individual carton.

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