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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Feb 3, 2020 -

Feature details

You might have third-party apps that work in conjunction with Finance and Operations applications that are either built in-house or by a partner. This feature aims to provide seamless integration by allowing you to embed third-party apps within Finance and Operations applications via personalization, similar to how you can embed Power Apps inside of Finance and Operations application pages. You'll have the option to embed third-party apps inside tab pages within existing forms, or create new full-page experiences that showcase your third-party app.

Platform update 31

A new Website Host control has been added to allow developers to embed third-party apps directly into Finance and Operations pages.

Platform update 32

Third-party apps can be embedded inside tab pages in existing forms via personalization by privileged users in the same places where users can add a Power App inside a tab page. To facilitate this, the "Add a Power App" option in the personalization toolbar has been replaced with an "Add an app" option. Selecting this option opens a gallery page where the user can decide which kind of app they want to embed, Power App or Website. Note that only system administrators, security administrators, and IT managers have access to this capability out of the box.

This functionality is dependent on the Saved views feature being enabled.

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