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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users, automatically This feature is released. Feb 1, 2020 This feature is released. Apr 1, 2020

Business value

When navigating across pages to complete their tasks, business users expect snappy loading of pages and dialog boxes.

Feature details

Users will find that the pages they use often are now quicker to open. The structure of the page is shown first, giving context until data is loaded.

Technically, the rendered page is now cached the first time it is opened. This is done without persisting any business data or sensitive information to the user's device. The next time the page opens, it will immediately render from the cache while the latest data is fetched from the service.

  • In Update 16.0, pages are cached for the duration of the user's session. Users will only benefit from the performance gains while they remain signed in.
  • Update 16.3 improves the functionality by caching pages across sessions. Users benefit from improved load-time even when they open Business Central in another browser tab, or sign in again after they close the browser or sign out.

While it is busy fetching data from the service, Business Central displays distinctive, pulsating UI elements to indicate that data has not yet been loaded.

The UI displays distinctive, pulsating visual elements

This applies to some but not all list, worksheet, card, and document pages.

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Experience improved time to open a page—for example, when opening different Sales Invoices—by signing in to your online environment.

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