Warranty setup and sell


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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. May 18, 2020 This feature is released. Jul 31, 2020

Business value

Customers are opting for extended support and services when they buy products, especially for consumer products such as computers and phones that sell at a premium price point. Extended warranties can be sold in the retail channel during the initial purchase or for a limited time afterward. For a retailer, providing an extended warranty can help build customer loyalty. With the extended warranty purchase, customers know where to go for service and support in case of issues and they can gain the confidence that their issues will be handled well.

Feature details

Warranty item setup: We are providing the functionality to set up a warranty item type and set attributes for the item including the association between a product and warranty item, price of the warranty, warranty duration, and more. Once the warranty item is set up and released to the organizational unit, a retailer will then be able to sell warranties through point of sale (POS).

Warranty item sell: Extended warranties are sold in a retail channel during the initial purchase or for a limited time after the initial purchase. In POS, a sales associate will be prompted to consider an extended warranty when a related product is added to the cart. This provides an upsell or cross-sell opportunity to the sales associate as part of the sales flow. A customer can also come back later and buy an extended warranty for the product. In this case, sales associates can look up the original transaction and sell the customer the related extended warranty.