Advanced ledger settlement – settlement and reverse settlement processed separately


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts - This feature is released. Aug 7, 2020

Business value

The settlement process can now run successfully with only a warning, even if the process includes transactions that are marked for unsettlement and settlement.

Feature details

When the advanced ledger settlement feature is enabled, both settled records and unsettled records can be marked. Previously when both settled and unsettled records were marked, both the settle-marked transactions and reverse-marked transactions processes would fail with an error, because each process is separate.

Now, each process will run to completion but generate a warning. For example, if some records are marked to settle and some are marked to unsettle, and the settle-marked transactions process is run, the records marked for settlement will be settled, and a message will let you know that the records marked for unsettlement were not processed.