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Organizations need to accurately forecast sales targets to truly understand business health and to make accurately informed strategic decisions. CEOs need to foresee demand for every product to undertake strategic business transformations, COOs need to understand the scope of the business to allocate resources efficiently, and CFOs need visibility into upcoming cash flows to craft financial plans for business growth. However, organizations often struggle to develop accurate sales forecasts that can truly inform these strategic decisions.

With Dynamics 365 Sales forecasting, we are introducing a new set of capabilities that empower organizations to natively create and manage bottom-up sales forecast processes.

Accurate forecasting helps everyone on the team:

  • Sellers can manage their pipeline and focus time more effectively, by identifying the deals they need to close to meet quotas.
  • Sales managers and leaders can plan sales team execution and meet sales forecasts more confidently with greater flexibility and a clearer view into bottom-up projections, all the while gaining a deeper understanding of those opportunities that impact the business.
  • Sales enablement managers can benefit from greater flexibility to offer more granular and meaningful guidance that accurately reflects sales execution.