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End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Apr 3, 2020 -

Feature details

The new grid provides a number of benefits:

  • Performance: The new grid provides improved rendering speed and a faster scrolling experience.
  • Positional scrolling: Users can now positionally scroll in the data that has been loaded in the web browser. For example, if you have browsed through 10,000 rows in a grid, you can click the middle of the scrollbar to immediately go to record 5,000 without having to retrieve data from the server.
  • General improvements: Various enhancements have been made to improve the usability of the grid. For example, in the existing grid, users might run into situations occasionally where the grid headers and data are misaligned, or the grid jumps while users scroll through data or create new records.
  • Reorder columns: Users can now reorder columns by dragging them. Hover the mouse pointer over the column header, and then drag the gripper control that appears on the left side of the column.
  • Mathematical formulas: Users can now enter mathematical formulas into numeric cells in a grid. For example, you can enter =15*4. To make the system recognize a value as an expression, start the value with an equal sign (=).

The new grid also enables more complex features to be built into it. These additions to the grid will be introduced and enhanced in subsequent monthly updates:

  • Totals: Business users can see totals for numeric columns in tabular grids. For example, financial users can view totals for a filtered set of transactions for a specific customer. This feature first became available as part of the new grid control feature in 10.0.5 / Platform update 29, and will continue to evolve in subsequent platform versions.

  • Fast data entry: This feature lets users enter data in a grid ahead of the server. Therefore, it minimizes the need for users to wait for the server to validate one row in the grid before they move to another row. This feature first became available as part of the new grid control feature in 10.0.7 / Platform update 31, and will continue to evolve in subsequent platform versions.

Follow the link in the "See also" section of this article for:

  • Instructions on how to enable the new grid control.
  • A list of known issues with the new grid control as well as information when these issues have been addressed.

Version updates


  • Bug fixes (see the "Known issues" list).


  • Updated styling of the grid to better align with other Dynamics 365 products. This notably includes updates to the marking column and various row states.
  • Bug fixes (see the "Known issues" list).


  • Bug fixes (see the "Known issues" list).


  • Public preview of the new grid begins.

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