Overview of Dynamics 365 Connected Store 2020 release wave 2


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Dynamics 365 Connected Store is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that gathers and analyzes observational signals, location, and line-of-business data to create insights and automate actions for retailers in their stores. Using a combination of computer vision (eyes) and IoT signals (ears), Dynamics 365 Connected Store gathers observational signals and analyzes them to produce actionable insights. An important goal for Dynamics 365 Connected Store is to offer benefits to retailers that are traditionally available only to online retailers, and to help bridge the physical and digital divide.

Dynamics 365 Connected Store achieves this by using the following hybrid approach:

  • Intelligent edge: A managed appliance in the store that converts camera streams and IoT signals into observational data sent to the cloud.

  • Intelligent cloud: A multitenant SaaS solution that correlates observational signals from the edge to provide insights and trigger actions for the retailer.

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