Regulatory Configuration Service – simplified globalization feature management for Globalization services


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Oct 6, 2020 -

Business value

The Regulatory Configuration Service (RCS) allows business and power users to configure different types of required regulatory reports, e-invoices, payment formats, business documents, and tax rules that are frequently affected by changing legal requirements in one centralized service.

Currently, users need to undertake multiple steps to be able to discover, import, and set up features and this can sometimes lead to difficulty in finding all the related components and set up parameters that must be completed to enable a specific global feature.

To simplify this, we have developed globalization feature functionality that supports packaging of related artifacts into a bundle (all required configuration and related setup) that can be deployed to Globalization services like Electronic Invoicing Add-on (preview) from RCS.

Feature details

As part of this 2020 release wave, the globalization feature functionality is available for preview. It supports the following capabilities for users of Globalization services like the Electronic Invoicing Add-on (preview):

  • Discover and access Microsoft-produced globalization features.
  • Review and configure related feature components including electronic reporting format configurations, processing actions, and corresponding parameter setup.
  • Deploy a configured globalization feature for use in Globalization services like the Electronic Invoicing Add-on (preview).
  • Centrally store and share globalization features across an organization's Globalization services environments.

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