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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Aug 3, 2020 Oct 2, 2020

Feature details

Saved views provides a number of benefits in the personalization area of the product:

  • You can define multiple, named sets of personalizations per page.

  • You can specify filter and sort conditions as part of a saved view on list pages.

  • You can pick a default view that will load whenever you come to the page.

  • You can pin saved views to workspaces (as tiles, lists, or links), which allows you to drill back from the workspace to that view, which includes not only the filter conditions from the view but also any associated personalizations.

  • Your organization can publish views to users with specific security roles and access to specific legal entities.

  • Your organization can publish views as default views to modify the user's default experience with pages in the system.

  • Users without personalization privileges can still have access to views that have been published to their roles.

  • Administrators can import and export views in bulk. This includes both personal views as well as published views.

Follow the link in the "See also" section of this article for:

  • More details about the capabilities listed above.
  • Instructions about how to enable saved views.

A list of known issues with saved views as well as information on when these issues have been addressed is available in Build forms that fully utilize saved views.

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