Overview of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection 2020 release wave 2


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With the releases in 2020 release wave 1, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection differentiates as a fully featured fraud protection application. Fraud Protection offers capabilities that help protect from online purchase and payment fraud, online account fraud, and in-store shrinkage fraud, while maximizing revenue and delivering a smooth experience to customers of online businesses.

In 2020 release wave 2, we restructured the information architecture to enable customers to quickly find the information they’re looking for and process it meaningfully and intuitively. By introducing new groupings for our assessments and features, we aligned the site navigation with the customer’s mental models of activities and tasks:

  • Each assessment aligns to a category of fraud, and features that are unique to that assessment are made available as pivots underneath.
  • Features that are shared across multiple assessments are grouped under Data and Setting.

We refreshed the home page layout and provided guided tours to enable customers to quickly discover and understand product functionalities.

We previewed a new manual review tool that enables Fraud Protection customers to augment their fraud workflows with manual case review. This allows customers to author rules to identify transactions that might benefit from human review, and then place the transactions into a queue to facilitate and amplify the review process. The capability is made available as an out-of-product tool that is fully integrated with Fraud Protection through APIs and an event exfiltration framework. Key components of the preview tool are:

  • Queue management: Create workflows that route fraudulent transactions to different queues for manual review based on specific criteria.
  • Review dashboard: Review a transaction and analyze the fraud pattern efficiently.
  • Customized actions: Dynamically create remedy actions, such as decisions and fraud labeling, that can be applied for tracking and analysis purposes.
  • Customized performance dashboard: A dashboard that displays a list of reviewed orders, fraudulent orders, the false positive rate, and so on, calculated by team or analyst, with daily and monthly views.

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