Usability improvement Field Service subgrids as a dialog


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Users, automatically - Aug 3, 2020 Oct 13, 2020

Business value

User feedback has shown that too many clicks and lost context leads to a denigrated user experience. This user experience improvement maintains context when navigating within any form to certain important Field Service child records within subgrids of the form by opening the child records in an overlay.

Feature details

User feedback highlights that when users are editing records in Field Service, navigating away from the main record to other records breaks the user experience context and creates too many navigation clicks. This feature introduces an overlay experience for data entry of certain important Field Service child records in a subgrid of a record. The overlay experience helps users maintain context and creates a smoother navigation for data entry.

For example, while you are working on an entity, like a work order, you can create, update, and review related subrecords, like work order product, without leaving the form you started from, making the system less disjointed and maintaining context through navigation. This new navigation mode will be enabled for these key entities:

  • Work order product
  • Work order service
  • Work order service task
  • Work order incident
  • Bookable resource booking
  • Time entry


This feature is available in Unified Interface only.