Customer check-in for curbside order fulfillment


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Business value

Contactless modes of delivery such as curbside pickup and buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) are emerging as important tools for retailers to reduce shipping costs and expedite delivery while creating opportunities for customer engagement. The customer check-in feature streamlines the curbside delivery workflow and allows customers to pick up orders with a safe, contactless experience.

Feature details

Retailers can use this feature to provide a link or button in "order ready for pickup" emails that lets their customers inform the retail store that "I am here." Retailers will receive this notification in their point of sale (POS) so they can bring the customer their order without the customer having to leave their vehicle.

For this release, we will provide the following components:

  • The necessary placeholders to enable an "I am here" button in an "order ready for pickup" email.
  • An e-commerce module that can be configured to collect additional information from the customer, such as their parking space number, license plate, vehicle make, model, and color, or any other information the retailer might need in order to fulfill the order.
  • An e-commerce module that provides a check-in confirmation experience to the customer.
  • A "shared secret" that helps the retailer authenticate the customer before fulfilling the order. The secret can be included as a QR code on the check-in confirmation page.
  • A task that is created in POS that informs the retailer that the customer has arrived to pick up their order and clicked the "I am here" button in their email. This task will contain all the necessary customer and order information for fulfilling the order.

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