Omnichannel support for incremental payment capture


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Mar 5, 2021 Apr 16, 2021

Business value

This feature brings full incremental capture support for orders fulfilled over multiple invoices. Prior to this feature, each time the remaining balance for an order was updated, a new credit card authorization was obtained for the remaining amount due. This feature adds the ability to create one authorization per order. Each time a shipment for that order is invoiced, the payment will be captured against the original payment authorization and the authorization will remain open and used for future payment captures. This ensures that orders fulfilled over time do not result in authorizations over the order amount and also reduces the chance of future authorizations being declined.

This feature will help with customer satisfaction because orders fulfilled within a reasonable timeframe will no longer be subject to multiple authorizations. In addition, fewer authorizations per order means lower processing fees and fewer cases where the remaining balance on an order cannot be authorized.

Feature details

Incremental capture adds the ability to fulfill an order over time using a single payment authorization. For example, a customer might have an order that is fulfilled over three shipments. Without this feature, each time a shipment is invoiced, payment will be captured for the amount invoiced and a new authorization will be created for the remainder. In this scenario, three authorizations are needed over the course of order fulfillment. This can lead to cases where authorizations exceed the total amount of the order, or declines due to authorizations exceeding open credit available for cardholders.

When this feature is enabled, payments for orders fulfilled from the distribution centers or stores will reference the original authorization as long as it is valid. The result will be fewer declines, less customer confusion, and easier reconciliation of payments and invoices.

This feature is supported by the out-of-the-box Adyen payment connector and can be implemented for third-party payment connectors.

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