Simplified Commerce SDK update and developer experience


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - Apr 20, 2021

Business value

Dynamics 365 Commerce SDK updates are published in Dynamics 365 Lifecycle Services, and the SDK can be applied to all the dev environment using the Lifecycle Services workflow or through a manual process. The process takes a few hours and needs to be repeated for all monthly updates. With the new approach, all of the SDK updates will be published to a public NuGet and GitHub repository so that updates can be downloaded and applied to the environment in minutes. This approach saves time and effort for developers.

Feature details

  • Extension development: Commerce SDK development can be done mostly from the developer virtual machine (VM) available in Lifecycle Services. If it's hosted in the cloud, though, additional cost is incurred. To reduce the cost and the Lifecycle Services development VM dependency, the Commerce development experience will be decoupled from the Lifecycle Services developer VM and development will be supported outside of the developer VM. Development can be done on any development machine that supports the Commerce development environment configurations.

  • Commerce SDK reference to NuGet: Commerce SDK references will be refactored and published to a new NuGet feed for extensions to consume. Instead of manually referring the binaries in Commerce SDK\Reference folder, the extension can download it from the NuGet package and the package can be easily updated to the latest available version using the NuGet package manager workflow.

  • Commerce SDK samples to GitHub: All the Commerce SDK samples will be published to a public GitHub repository for extensions to refer and learn how to customize the Dynamics 365 Commerce solution to support custom business processes. Updated samples can be easily download and referenced by cloning to this public repository without the need to download and apply any binary hotfix from Lifecycle Services.

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