Store commerce app with Chromium rendering engine and integrated hardware support


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Business value

The Store commerce app is a shell app for Windows that uses Microsoft Edge WebView2 to render the Cloud Point of Sale (CPOS). CPOS can currently run only in a web browser, but the Store commerce app can run as a native Windows app, like Modern Point of Sale (MPOS). A local hardware station can be directly integrated to the payment terminal, printer, or cash drawer. There's no need to set up a shared hardware station to use hardware devices.

Store commerce uses the Chromium engine to render the user interface, instead of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app rendering. The key difference between MPOS and the Store commerce app is the Store commerce app uses the Chromium engine to render.

The Store commerce app will replace MPOS in the future, when it has full functional parity with MPOS. The Store commerce app currently doesn’t support offline mode (when there is no connectivity to Retail Server), but MPOS does. Customers who don’t need offline support can use this app with a dedicated or shared hardware station.

The Store commerce app will be published in Microsoft Store for easier discovery, download, and deployment, simplifying the app lifecycle management for deployment and servicing.

Feature details

Some of the benefits of the Store commerce app are:

  • It supports rich commerce functionality for all first-line workers, such as cashiers, sales and inventory associates, stock clerks, and store managers.

  • It’s deployed in Microsoft Store for better app lifecycle management support.

  • It supports local hardware station.

  • It uses the new Chromium engine for rendering the UWP app.

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