Unified returns processing for POS, including serial number validation


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Business value

In our current in-market application, there are two separate processes for posting return orders through the point of sale (POS) app. This new feature unifies the return order processing user experience so all return order types can be processed through the Return Transaction or Show Journal operations. In addition, this feature brings new optional capabilities to allow the user to validate the serial numbers on serialized item returns.

Feature details

When enabling the unified return processing experience in POS, users will experience an updated and unified return order processing experience.

In previous versions of Dynamics 365 Commerce, users had to process cash and carry returns through the Return Transaction operation and process customer order returns separately through the Recall Order operation. This experience could be confusing for users, as often the user would not know which type of order they were returning and therefore did not know which operation to use. Users could sometimes return customer orders through the Return Transaction operation with what would seem like no errors, but doing so would create data corruption on the order in certain scenarios.

With this new feature enabled, any invoiced Commerce order or order line can be returned using the Return Transaction operation. Users can also use the Show Journal operation to find a transaction and initiate a return for cash and carry or customer orders through the journal. When using the Recall order operation in POS, the return function will still be limited to supporting the return of customer orders because this operation recalls only customer orders and not cash and carry.

The user experience has been improved so the user has access to more information and a streamlined processing flow when selecting returnable items to add to the return transaction.

The infrastructure of the returns operation has also been bolstered to better support offline return processing to allow "channel side" tracking of returnable quantities. That way, if a real-time service call can't be made to validate returnable quantities, a channel side variable still can be used to validate returnable quantities.

Lastly, enabling this feature also provides a new optional configuration to support validation of serial numbers on the return order. If configured, the user is asked to input the serial number of the item being returned when returning a serialized item in POS. The system will then validate the input against the original sale, and the user will be warned if the serial number being returned does not match the original.

Enabling this feature also removes the previously configurable option for creating return merchandise authorization (RMA) orders in Commerce headquarters when returns are processed in POS. All returns will be written to Commerce headquarters as sales orders with negative sales lines, and no RMA will be generated.

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