Integration framework for material handling equipment for automated warehouse processes (previously MHAX)


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Mar 10, 2020 Apr 1, 2021

Business value

The framework for integration of material handling equipment for automated warehouses enables enterprise customers with full or partly automated warehouses to integrate with Dynamics 365 in order to process work generated in the Warehouse module.

Feature details

Users can set up outbound subscriptions on warehouse events such as work creation, completion, and cancellation. These events, along with associated data, will be tracked in a queue, which external equipment can access by web service. The data associated with each transaction is completely user configurable. Up to 10 fields can be specified to accompany each queue record. The status of each record will be tracked from blocked through sent.

Similarly, an inbound queue exists that external equipment can populate via web service. When the inbound queue records are consumed, warehouse actions such as work completion and license plate receiving will be triggered. Work can be executed one work line at a time, or a pick/put pair can be executed in a single transaction. Short pick and location override are also supported.

This new functionality will also address some refactoring to cater for performance and scale, a new data model, and other needed design enhancements compared to the licensed MHAX solution that was previously released for selected existing customers.

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