Rebate management


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Business value

The rebate management module greatly reduces the complexity and administrative burden associated with rebates and deduction programs. It enables organizations to focus on maximizing the benefits of these programs while retaining flexible and efficient processes and eliminating the need for manual calculations.

Feature details

The rebate management module is an updated offering of the rebates and royalty processing feature for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Use it to create contracts, deals, or agreements between your company and your customers and vendors to facilitate the calculation of rebates, deductions, and royalties. The rebate management module tracks and maintains rebates and deductions transactions in a central location, where all relevant users can create, review, and process them effectively.


A rebate returns a portion of a purchase price by a seller or a buyer, typically on the purchase of a specific quantity or value of goods within a specific period. These returns, unlike deductions, are done after the full invoice of the purchase amount.


A deduction is a compensation, consideration, or fee paid for a license or privilege to use intellectual property such as a brand, copyright or patent or the usage of a natural resource like with fishing, hunting, or mining. Deductions are usually computed as a percentage of revenue or profit from realized use. The more use, the greater the deduction realized.


Customer royalties are payments made by one party to the licensee or franchisee for the right to use the asset. Rebates, royalties, and deductions are all supported by the new rebates and deductions module.

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