Sales order details performance enhancement


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts May 28, 2021 Jul 16, 2021

Business value

This feature makes the user interface more responsive when opening sales orders, especially orders that include many lines. It benefits users who often open large sales orders.

Feature details

This feature implements the same one-form design pattern already used by purchase orders. When a user opens the All sales orders page, this feature causes the system to skip the dedicated list page (the SalesTableListPage form) and go straight to the details page (the SalesTable form), which provides both a list and detailed view. It starts by showing the list view, which looks nearly identical to the dedicated list page. This improves performance because it's faster to switch between views of the same page compared to switching between pages. However, if you have customized the SalesTableListPage form on your system, then you might need to reproduce your customizations on the SalesTable form before enabling this feature.