Warehouse execution with edge scale units on your custom hardware


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Apr 23, 2021 To be announced

Business value

Companies can execute mission-critical warehousing processes without interruption and at scale, and bring critical work processing to the edge.

Feature details

Improve the resilience of your warehouse processes using edge scale units running on physical appliances located on your own shop floor. Edge scale units operate independently from the hub and allow warehouses to remain operational during a connectivity failure. Maintenance can be controlled independently of cloud instances while providing scale using dedicated processing capacity.

Workers using computers and hand-held devices connected to the edge scale unit will have the same capabilities as when working against a cloud scale unit. This includes the following scenarios:

  • Warehouse managers can select the wave-processing methods used for sales orders and transfer orders (including demand replenishment, containerization, and wave label printing).
  • Adjust work items like change of workers, cancellation, locations, and completion of work.
  • Warehouse workers can use the warehouse mobile application (warehouse app) to:
    • Execute sales orders, transfer orders, and demand replenishment for warehouse work.
    • Register purchase orders and conduct putaway.
    • Execute inventory movements.
    • Perform inquiries into on-hand inventory.
    • Print license plates and process batch-number tracked items.
    • Perform simple picking and loading work for transfer orders in outbound scenarios.
    • Commence cluster picking and wave processing for shipments.
    • Adjust inventory on-hand and change inventory status.

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