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Business value

This feature empowers organizations to improve overall warehouse operating efficiency. The Warehouse Management mobile application includes a fresh, contemporary design that is intuitive, easy to use, and supported by robust enhancements to core warehouse management logic that streamline processing. The new design concepts are based on extensive usability studies including a broad worker population. The solution is designed to help workers be more efficient, productive, and better able to complete work accurately.

Feature details

The new Warehouse Management mobile application provides a fresh new design that is intuitive and easy to use. It is supported by enhancements to core warehouse management logic and new design concepts based on extensive usability studies that covered a broad worker population. Workers will be more efficient, more productive, and better able to complete their work accurately, which will contribute to improving overall warehouse operations.

The new design is based on extensive usability studies, which identified both strengths and pain points experienced when executing end-to-end warehouse processes using a mobile application. The findings guided the new design for the application as well as underlying enhancements in the core warehouse management logic that support it. The new solution provides the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Improved worker efficiency:

    • Large input controls to quickly dial in quantities.
    • The most important information made easiest to see and set in a large font.
    • Saved worker preferences and device-specific settings that can be managed centrally.
  • Improved ergonomics:

    • Large touch targets and other features that make the app easy to use with gloves.
    • A high-contrast design that provides clear text on dirty screens.
    • Custom button locations to match each worker's grip, device, and handedness.
  • Faster ramp-up of new workers:

    • Clear titles and illustrations for each step.
    • Full-screen photos to verify product selections.
  • Alignment with Fluent Design System guidelines for visual style and interaction.

  • Expanded support for B-grade accessibility standards with focus on situational disabilities, as defined by the WCAG guidelines.

Phone photo of app in sales picking process

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