Overview of Dynamics 365 Marketing 2021 release wave 1


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The world is not the same place it was last year. The rules of engagement have changed, and customer expectations are evolving. It is becoming harder for companies to get through to their customers and to be heard above the noise. To build strong relationships, companies must deliver personalized messages that customers can identify with and add value to their lives. Companies need to deliver the right message, at the right time, using the channel that the customer chooses—explicitly or implicitly—to show that they understand and care about their customers. To grow, or even just survive, companies must not only reach new customers, but also help existing customers progress from one-time to repeat customers, and, ultimately, to fans of the company. Building deep engagement and meaningful connections has never been more important than it is today.

Our approach with Dynamics 365 Marketing is to unleash the power of all your data—infusing it with AI and empowering you to deliver meaningful messages to your customers. Making the product easy to use is a guiding principle for us as we build features to help you achieve your goals. In the current release, in response to customer feedback, our key themes are to deliver deeper personalization with your communications, to do more out of the box with channels, and give you the insights to deliver better results from your marketing activities.

Deeper personalization to engage your customers:

  • Author dynamic content with ease through a new point-and-click interface.
  • Create deeply personalized emails from a more flexible set of data sources.
  • Target AI-generated segments using attributes such as recency, frequency, and monetization to target high-churn risk or high-value customers.

More channels, power, and ease to reach your customers with the right messages:

  • Create emails quickly, with low effort, and without compromises using the new email editor experience.
  • Search, version, manage, and use AI to tag your digital assets with a new centralized asset library.
  • Use AI-driven recommendations to select and deliver the best image, video, document, or fragment for your messages.
  • Create and send SMS messages to any mobile phone.
  • Deliver push notifications to any Android or iOS app.

Analytics to improve results and achieve your business goals:

  • Improve journey effectiveness with a new set of built-in analytics dashboards and cross-journey insights.
  • In real time, monitor your customer journeys and channel KPIs.
  • Set business goals for journeys and measure progress to the goal.
  • Experiment with the next action in a journey to optimize for results.

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